About Us

A true family business!

Hey There! We are the Isabella Sisters, Sally & Melissa. We were married to two amazing brothers  and through these marriages we started a wonderful friendship. Unfortunately, both of our husbands passed away at a young age, however, our friendship never faltered! We have 3 children between us; Sally has a son and daughter and Melissa has a son also.  We started our first business in 2019, Art Décor and Antiques. We've always loved to create and find one of a kind art. Staying with our creative theme, we opened Color Sling to share our love of art with all of you!

Color Sling brings you into modern art using old school tools. There is no right or wrong way to create your own masterpiece! Each workstation puts you in control of creating the abstract design that you want. We offer a variety of colors and paint tools that will help your imagination come to life. At Color Sling, there are not requirements; no matter your age or artistic abilities, you are the master of your own design!  When it comes to painting, you can sling it, throw it, brush it, or even sponge it... whatever your heart desires!

Our vision of Color Sling is to create a fun and inviting place where there are endless opportunities to show your creative side.  We know that Jake, Melissa's son, working as our manager alongside us will make our vision a reality. He has worked in customer service for 8 years and his creative side matches ours. Don, Melissa's husband, working as our contractor, has helped in many ways bringing our creative space to life.  Nick, Sally's son, attends UNG. He will be helping out on breaks and summer. Brooke, Sally's daughter, is our creative one. She will be working a few days a week to bring the fun to life. A true family business! Come bring your family & friends to enjoy a unique experience!

Color Sling is a Family-Owned and Women-Operated Business! We are also Wheelchair Accessible, anyone and everyone ages 0-100+ can splatter paint at Color Sling! Have a Colorful Day!